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Newcomers are always welcome! We’re currently reading a different text every week, so missing weeks is okay!

Revolutionary Theory Series (Sep.–Dec. 2023)

  • For those short on time, key excerpts are highlighted in the Weekly Packets linked below.
  • Completely reading the assigned texts is encouraged but not mandatory for discussion participation.
  • Audiobooks and optional supplementary materials are also linked.

Future Weeks

Click the link after the date below for each Weekly Packet.

Dec. 7. Macnair: What do we make of the socialist revolutions of the 20th century?

Dec. 14. Trotskyism (Weekly Packet coming soon): What is Lenin’s legacy?

  • Readings: Lenin and the Vanguard Party by C.L.R. James, and Lenin and the Vanguard Party (Toward the Communist International) by Joseph Seymour approx. 30 min
  • C.L.R. James Audiobook

Past Weeks

Sep. 7. Lenin (A): Does a revolution need theory?

Sep. 14. Kautsky: What is capitalism? What is Marxism?

Sep. 17. In-person meeting

  • Location: The Terrace at GSU’s Library North (100 Decatur St. SE, 2nd floor)

Sep. 21. The Labor Theory of Value: Does labor create value?

  • Readings: The Wealth of Nations (Book 1: Chapters 6, 8, 9; Book 3: Chapter 3) by Adam Smith, What is the Third Estate? by Sieyes approx. 2.5 hours
  • “The Wealth of Nations” Audiobook

Sep. 28. Political vs Civil Society: Would Hamilton oppose Cop City?

Sep. 30. In-person meeting

  • Location: The Terrace at GSU’s Library North (100 Decatur St. SE, 2nd floor)

Oct. 5. Marx and Engels: What is the nature of the capitalist state?

Oct. 12. Luxemburg (A): Should we try to reform the capitalist state?

Oct. 14-15. Atlanta Pride

Oct. 19. Michels (A): Why did the largest Marxist party of all time fail?

Oct. 26. Michels (B): What is the purpose of a party?

Oct. 28-29. Halloween Weekend

Nov. 2. Luxemburg (B): What is a revolution?

Nov. 9. Special Presentation: History of white supremacy in Georgia

Nov. 16. Chapter Social

Nov. 23. Thanksgiving

Nov. 30. Lenin (B): What is a workers’ government?

Revolutionary Theory Reader

Foreword to the Revolutionary Theory Reader

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