Slack Policy

Last updated 11/12/20 by the Steering Committee

Slack is, first and foremost, an administrative and organizing tool for the Chapter. Slack should be used for internal organizing, coordination, and discussion in service of building Atlanta DSA and getting work done.

Membership in Atlanta DSA is required in order to access Slack. Slack is intended to be a Atlanta DSA members-only space. Non-members who are present on Slack may have their access revoked at any time.

However, membership in Atlanta DSA does not guarantee access to Slack. While access to Slack is intended to be members-only, simply being a member does not guarantee access to Slack as a right.

Slack posts which are deemed to be disruptive to organizing work or in violation of the Code of Conduct may be deleted without notice. Repeated disruptive posts from a given member may result in that member’s Slack access being temporarily or permanently revoked.

Abuses of Slack or Code of Conduct violations may result in the offending member’s temporary or permanent removal from Slack, regardless of whether a Resolution 33 complaint or any change in Chapter membership status has occurred.

If a member indicates that they wish to leave Atlanta DSA or DSA, their access to Slack may be revoked. When this happens, reinstatement of Slack access is not guaranteed, even if the member in question changes their mind at a later point. Reinstatement may depend on meeting preconditions such as a waiting period or a vote by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is currently responsible for making decisions about Slack access. In the future, this responsibility may be delegated to the Digital Committee and/or the Conduct Committee.