Harassment & Grievance Policy


Atlanta DSA has adopted DSA’s national harassment policy, described in Resolution 33 from the 2017 DSA Convention, as its harassment policy.


In the case of suspension, at the end of the recommended suspension period, an individual will be placed on a period of membership probation equal to the length of the suspension (e.g. a three-month suspension period would equal a three-month probationary period). 

Membership probation may include the following sanctions at the discretion of the Harassment Grievance Officer(s): 

  1. Escalating sanctions such as an additional suspension or expulsion in the case of further violations of the Code of Conduct
  2. Access restrictions on membership data, digital assets, and digital spaces — including but not limited to social media accounts, the chapter website, chapter email lists, and chapter communication platforms such as Slack.
  3. Ineligibility to run for or hold any elected or appointed position in DSA, Atlanta DSA, or any subdivision thereof
  4. Restriction of speaking rights or recognition in meetings of Atlanta DSA or any subdivision thereof