Who we are

For general inquiries, contact our Steering Committee: steering (at) atldsa.org

The Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America, founded in 2006, is one of some 200 local DSA chapters and organizing committees with a rapidly growing membership. As democratic socialists, we envision a society where resources are democratically controlled to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. In pursuing this goal, we organize our neighborhoods and communities, educate the public about socialism, and campaign for transformative reforms that shift power towards working class people. To learn more about our history, check out this essay on the history of DSA by Joseph M. Schwartz, along with this excerpt on the history of Atlanta DSA from our chapter’s founder Milt Tambor’s autobiography.

Atlanta DSA is an entirely volunteer-run, member-driven organization. We make decisions democratically in our monthly membership meetings, which are open to all. Between meetings, our members work together in different committees and campaigns. To get involved, swing by an upcoming event or join DSA today.


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