Call City Council: Demand Housing For All!

Tell Atlanta Officials that the proposed affordable housing trust fund doesn’t go far enough! Call or email the City Council and let them know that we need Green New Housing and Homes not Handcuffs to keep our communities safe!

Below are some optional talking points for your message to City Council. Feel free to write your own script and talking points—the more personalized you can make your message, the better!

  • My name is _____ and I am a resident and voter in Atlanta. I live in City Council district ______. 
  • I’m calling to ask the City to invest more funding into affordable housing.
  • The proposal for an affordable housing trust fund doesn’t go far enough to address the housing crisis. The fund should be used to make Community Land Trusts, not to bankroll for-profit developers. The City should put money and power back into the hands of working-class communities.
  • Homeless people need homes, not handcuffs. The City should stop its sweeps of homeless camps and take a housing-first approach. Atlanta should emulate the City of Austin, Texas by purchasing hotels and providing free, unconditional housing to the homeless.
  • Close the City Jail. The City is wasting $32 million every year operating a jail that is basically empty. The Council and Mayor should keep their promise to close the city jail and replace it with a community center.
  • Stop Cop City. The City Council’s recent vote to build a $90 million cop training facility was anti-democratic and wrong. The City should reverse its decision, terminate the lease, and invest into housing for all instead. This land should be used by the residents of surrounding neighborhoods in DeKalb county, not cops!
  • It’s time that the Mayor and City Council address the needs of real working class people living in Atlanta. No more bending over backwards to please corporations and developers. The City must address poverty, systemic inequality, food desserts, public transportation, and build affordable housing!
  • City-wide elections take place this November, and voters are paying close attention to your votes on housing. We are prepared to vote you out!

To call individual Council Members outside of the public comment period, use the following contact info:

Citywide targets:

Council President   Felicia Moore  (404) 330-6052

At-Large 1  • Michael J Bond  (404) 330-6770

At-Large 2 • Matt Westmoreland  (404) 330-6302

At-Large 3 • Andre Dickens  (404) 330-6041

District 3 • Antonio Brown • (404) 330-6046

District 5  Natalyn Archibong  (404) 330-6048

Call if you live in their district:

District 4  Cleta Winslow  (404) 330-6047

District 9  Dustin Hillis  (404) 330-6044

District 10  Andrea Boone  (404) 330-6055

District 11  Marci C. Overstreet  (404) 330-6054

District 12  Joyce Sheperd  (404) 330-6053