Labor Solidarity

Recent strike waves, union reform movements, and workplace organizing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic indicate the rise of a fighting spirit among union and non-union workers. DSA members support the labor movement by organizing new unions in their workplaces, taking rank-and-file union jobs, building reform caucuses that fight for democracy in their unions, and supporting workers on strike. As socialists, we aim to improve the lives of ordinary working people by joining together into an organized class. When we organize to fight for the common good, we can transform our society into one free of exploitation — one with true liberty and justice for all.

We’ve joined Starbucks, Amazon, and other workers in solidarity at the picket line, raised funds, and flyered to build for community support as part of the fight to win better wages, hours and dignity on the job for all workers. Join us in the fight for $15/hr, and get back at union-busters, exploiters, and anti-worker policymakers!