Member Data Handling Policy

Version 1, Last Updated 4/19/21

To maintain the privacy of Atlanta DSA’s members and minimize any legal risk to the chapter, Atlanta DSA’s membership list, containing member data (including names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc.) from national DSA, shall be accessible in its entirety only to Atlanta DSA Steering Committee members.

Member data collected during the course of official chapter operations (for example, the results of a chapter-wide survey on member demographics, or responses to chapter forms) shall be accessible only to Atlanta DSA’s Steering Committee and to authorized members.

Steering Committee members who download or access ATL DSA’s membership list or other member data should make every reasonable effort to secure member data.

  • For example, Steering Committee members should not upload ATL DSA’s membership list to services outside of the chapter’s control, and should delete membership lists from their own computers when no longer needed for chapter business.

Whenever possible, the Steering Committee will avoid distributing member data directly, and will instead use intermediary software tools to avoid exposing members’ information.

  • For example, if the chapter is organizing a text bank, the Steering Committee will provide volunteers with access to a tool such as Spoke in order to contact members without exposing those members’ phone numbers.

A majority vote by the Steering Committee may be required to authorize access to member data, regardless of the reason.

Any Atlanta DSA member whose role in the chapter requires handling member data shall be required to sign the Atlanta DSA Personal Information Usage Agreement before access to member data may be provided.

Any Atlanta DSA member whose role in the chapter requires handling member data shall receive a subset of total member data, containing only the information needed to carry out the task at hand.

  • For example, if the chapter is organizing a phone bank, member data distributed to the organizer of the phone bank should be limited to member names and phone numbers, and not include extraneous information such as email addresses.