Our Work

As socialists, we believe that meaningful change only happens in society when we do mass action to demand concessions and seize power from the ruling class. Our campaigns prioritize education, outwards-facing community engagement, and giving our members the tools to organize their workplaces and neighborhoods.

Housing For All!

Working people across Atlanta are increasingly threatened by gentrification, displacement and houselessness. Meanwhile, the City funnels money into big business, luxury real estate developments, and cops that evict renters and brutalize houseless people. Join the fight for affordable housing for all Atlantans!

Organize Your Workplace!

The pandemic has isolated workers more than ever. We are working to organize together to build worker power, and to support workers when they go out on strike. To learn more, contact our Labor Committee at labor(at)atldsa.org

Socialism 101!

What does “Democratic Socialism” mean? What kind of history does it have? And how can we talk about it to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members? We organize night schools and reading groups to promote the democratic socialist perspective. To learn more, contact our Education Committee at education(at)atldsa.org