Our Work

As socialists, we believe that meaningful change can only come from the bottom up, when millions of working-class people stand together to fight for our common interests. Our work prioritizes outwards-facing engagement with ordinary people, political education and consciousness-raising, and community organizing in our neighborhoods and workplaces.

Political Action

Bernie Sanders launched a political revolution and DSA continues to build it. Atlanta DSA is organizing in local politics by campaigning for working-class political demands and running candidates for local and state office.

Labor Organizing

There’s a rising, fighting spirit among union and non-union workers. DSA is building worker power in the workplace and supporting unions when they go out on strike.

Educational Programs

What does “Democratic Socialism” mean? What kind of history does it have? And how can we talk about it to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members? We organize night schools and reading groups to promote the democratic socialist perspective.