A Profound Thank-You to Ed and Murphy and the Open Door Community

Dozens of friends and comrades of Eduard Loring and Murphy Davis filled the fellowship hall at Wheat St. Baptist Church Dec. 13 for a profound thank-you luncheon to give the founders of the Open Door Community a send-off as they prepare to close the ODC and move to Baltimore in January.

They provided MADSA with a home and meeting place for five years (Ed is a MADSA member), and distinguished themselves at the forefront of services and advocacy for Atlanta’s poor and homeless and with their prison ministry that included accompanying death row inmates and opposing the death penalty. They fought for decades for affordable housing, healthcare for all, and many other human rights issues. See Raising Our Voices, Breaking the Chain by Terry Easton, about the occupation of the Imperial Hotel. Ed and Murphy will be sorely missed. (Photos: Reid Freeman Jenkins)

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