Helping Say Goodbye to Anti-Immigrant Bill

A group of our members joined the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Southerners on New Ground, Asian Americans Advancing Justice (ASAJ) and Project South at the Capitol to help oppose SB452, a “show-us-your-papers bill on steroids” that would further terrorize immigrant communities and worsen community-police relations by mandating that police collaborate with immigration authorities (ICE). HB452 would have also rolled back the hard-won efforts to abolish cash bond in Atlanta. Happily, the General Assembly allowed the bill to die (for this year at least) by not passing it before midnight on Thursday, March 29 – “sine die,” the final day of the legislative session. Above left: MADSA members (L to R) Matthew Wolfsen, Jordan French, khalid kamau, Erin Parks, Daniel Hanley and Amy Mei Willis (also with ASAJ) celebrate the victory.

Thanks to Daniel Hanley for this information. – Barbara Joye

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