Conversation With Kamau Franklin Inspires Us

Kamau Franklin is a long-time community organizer currently with Community Movement Builders, Inc, ​a 501(c)(3) member-based collective of black people building sustainable, self-determining communities through cooperative economic platforms and collective community organizing. On Feb. 10 he shared his experience and insights with about 35 MADSA members and friends. His talk, in the form of a dialogue — first with Eric Robertson and then with others in attendance — was titled “Black Liberation, Sustainable Communities, and the Role of Elections in Freedom Struggles.” It covered a lot of ground. He described his organization’s acquisition of a house and garden in the Pittsburgh neighborhood (and plans to liberate more properties for the community); the importance of creating and showing people models of successful change rather than just talking about issues and candidates; and the importance of solidarity among progressives. We all greatly appreciated this opportunity to engage in conversation with such a thoughtful and inspiring leader. You can listen to the conversation on our podcast here.

(L-R) Eric Robertson and Kamau Franklin. Photo: Steve Eberhardt
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