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Green New Housing!

Instead of giving tax breaks to millionaire for-profit developers, Atlanta should invest in working class communities! Invest the city budget into affordable housing owned collectively by tenants, not landlords. City Council should make a Social Housing Fund dedicated to community land trusts, where property is controlled by democratic organizations of residents. Create green union jobs to fight climate change by building high-density housing. Instead of giving tax breaks to millionaires, Atlanta should invest in working-class communities!

Homes, Not Handcuffs!

Housing is a human right! Yet, over 3,000 Atlantans are unhoused. Our City leaders criminalize homelessness through violent police sweeps, anti-loitering laws, and dozens of other barriers. It is antithetical to “public safety” to brutally arrest people for not having a home, to chase people from their beds and destroy their belongings. Instead, the City should provide housing and support to houseless Atlantans. The City of Austin, Texas converted hotels into free unconditional housing for the houseless: Atlanta can do this too!

Communities, not Cages!

The Atlanta Police harass and brutalize Black neighborhoods in Atlanta, promote gentrification through broken windows policing, sweep homeless camps, and carry out violent evictions. City Council spends nearly a third of the general budget on policing: $276 million per year. The City wastes $32 million yearly operating the nearly-empty Atlanta City Detention Center (ACDC), and is supporting a new privately-owned $90 million cop training facility ( Defund the police, Close ACDC, Stop Cop City and invest in housing for all Atlantans.

What is Cop City?

On September 7th, City Council voted to demolish South Atlanta forest and build a $90 million, corporate-funded cop training facility! While we lost the vote, the decision could be reversed by the next administration. We must stop this expansion of policing and environmental devastation and demand that City Council reverse this ordinance! Learn more at

Donate to Our Annual Winter Drive!

Have winter clothing to spare? Donate to our annual winter clothing drive to support unhoused Atlantans! We’re colleting warm clothes and other items to distribute downtown at Hurt Park. Items needed include: Jackets, Coats, Blankets, Socks, Undergarments, Shoes, PPE (Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves), Hygiene Products (Soap, Tampons, Sanitary Napkins, Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Deodorant, Wipes, etc.)

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Get Involved!

The Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America (ATL DSA) is one chapter of the largest socialist organization in the United States, with over 1,000 members. We believe that working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. Join DSA and organize with us!

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