UPS Teamsters all across the country are gearing up to fight for better pay and treatment on the job when their contract expires on August 1, 2023. If the company doesn’t respond to workers’ demands, they’ll prepare to launch the largest strike in decades. We are calling all Atlanta workers to stand in solidarity with UPS Teamsters this Summer when and if they decide to strike. It’s time to show UPS – when we fight, we win!

What’s at Stake?

UPS is the third largest company headquartered in Atlanta. UPS employs nearly 400,000 essential workers who are responsible for transporting 25 million packages and documents daily, across 220 different countries and territories. The entire country relies on the hard work of UPS drivers, warehouse, and retail workers, and with their contract expiring in August, these workers are demanding fair wages, scheduling and a seat at the table!

All 350,000 of non-management UPS workers are covered under a national contract that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) has with UPS, which covers wages and working conditions of UPS workers. UPS Teamsters are gearing up for a contract fight to win their demands to end two-tier driver jobs, raises for part-time workers, and more!

UPS Contract Demands

  • No More Excessive Overtime: Package drivers work long hours and need stronger 9.5 rights! Everyone deserves a life outside of work!
  • No More Two-Tier 22.4: End the practice of two-tier, which creates a second tier of “hybrid” driver jobs which pay less for the same work!
  • Higher Part-time Pay: Part-time workers need higher starting pay, catch-up raises, and an end to Market Rate Adjustment (MRA) pay discrimination for part-timers.
  • More Full-time Jobs: UPS needs to create more full-time 22.3 jobs. Part-time workers should have more opportunities for full-time work!
  • Job Security for Feeders & Package Drivers: It’s time to end the subcontracting of feeder work as well as protect jobs being eliminated by Access Point and Surepost.
  • Video Camera & Harassment Protection: No driver-facing cameras! Workers need stronger language to protect them from company harassment, including financial penalties against UPS for any violations.

Take action!

Signed the pledge? Find your closest UPS: