MADSA at Decatur March: Nothing Great About Hate

We joined a MADSA-endorsed “Nothing Great About Hate” rally and march Sept. 10 to demand that the DeKalb County Commission remove a monument to the “Lost Cause” that currently defaces Courthouse Square in downtown Decatur. A spirited crowd of some 500, led by Hate Free Decatur and the DeKalb NAACP, heard speakers from many faith and community organizations, circled the downtown area behind a contingent of community youth and ended with a second rally in front of the monument. Most speakers called for the monument to be moved to a museum or cemetery. One sign read: “We don’t want to erase history, we want to get on the right side of history!” The DSA’s Southern Caucus has endorsed a “Tear it Down!” campaign, while recognizing that the monument issue is a symbol of the larger struggle against institutionalized white supremacy. Photos: Reid Freeman Jenkins

Top left: Introducing Sarah Patenaude of Hate Free Decatur. Bottom left: Daniel Hanley (center) on the march. Right: Our message mysteriously appears. Photos: Reid Freeman Jenkins, Lorraine Fontana, Scott Douglas

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