Holiday Party – Good Time Had by All

MADSA members and friends had a great time at our “holiday” celebration Jan. 12, socializing and enjoying songs by Veronika Jackson, Frank Hamilton and Payton Scott, despite rescheduling due to snow. It was a collective effort, with many members contributing refreshments, a slide show of our activities, and setup/cleanup labor.

Some of the partygoers: (L to R) Marshall Rancifer, Shelly Berlin, Milt Tambor, Daniel Hanley, Anat Fintzi
Chair Adam Cardo introduced speakers Bob Caine.

Chair Adam Cardo¬† introduced speakers Bob Caine, who enlightened us about the venue’s roots in an African American community that had built the First Existentialist Congregation building but been expelled from the area in the 1950’s, and our beloved founder Milt Tambor, who announced the start of a project to archive historic MADSA documents at Emory U. (contact him at Caine also sadly informed us that our comrade Joe Corrado had died the previous week – no announcement yet of funeral arrangements. (Above right, photographer unknown)

Frank Hamilton and Payton Scott

Photos by Reid Freeman Jenkins

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