Statement by the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America on the vulgar hit piece against member Anoa Changa

Today, Atlanta NPR affiliate WABE published a baseless and racist hit piece against prominent black activist and member of the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Anoa Changa.

In the proto-fascist milieu of contemporary American politics, it is vitally important that we lift up voices of color and support women like Anoa who stand in resolute defiance of white supremacy.

It’s wrong to disregard legitimate commentary raised on important matters of racial and social justice as simply being tools of a foreign state without consideration for the veracity and reputation of the people speaking.

Unfortunately, many that would consider themselves allies to oppressed peoples point toward foreign meddling when those most marginalized among us fight back against their oppressors. To insinuate that Russia is somehow responsible for racism in a nation built upon the whip-scarred backs of enslaved Africans is both ludicrous and sad.

The Metro Atlanta Chapter of the DSA is proud to stand with Anoa and support her crucial work in both local and national activist movements.

The smear against her is grotesque but also transparent – the ruling classes will not let go of power easily. We’re grateful to women like Anoa who put themselves at risk to stand up to the 1% and we are grateful for the opportunity to support her in that fight.

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