Building Our Organization

At our May general membership meeting we discussed our proposed bylaws changes in detail and voted to pass them 36 to 1, but as we did not have a quorum the remaining votes needed for this important decision can be submitted here (for members only. If you can’t see the poll, sign in with the email you gave us when becoming a member.)

We also voted unanimously to approve a new Code of Conduct, after a number of amendments were made. Proposals for further amendments to both of these documents are welcome and can be submitted to the officers at; by joining the Bylaws channel on Slack; or by email or other message to any one of the officers, for discussion and voting at a future meeting.

In addition, a statement by the officers making recommendations to combat toxicity on the Slack internal chat was read and will be voted on at the next meeting. Finally, a committee of three grievance officers was nominated (for one-year terms): Jeff Corkill, Laura Hernandez, and Alexander Hernandez. They will be voted on at the next meeting. – Barbara Joye and Scott Douglas

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