Marching for Justice

What a week! Solidarity in action is our answer to the assaults on human rights and democracy we face today. We joined a June 26th protest against the Supreme Court’s support for the infamous Muslim ban, and two days later at least 19 of us marched with the MADSA banner – and Erin’s “Abolish ICE” flag – in support of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights and other immigrant rights and human rights groups, along with hundreds of others, ending in a rain-soaked but spirited rally in front of the Russell federal building, chanting “Abolish ICE!” “Shut down Sessions!” “Not one more deportation.” See the MADSA Facebook page for more photos.

We had an even bigger turnout at the Families Belong Together march on June 30, led by the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice and a very long list of other groups. An estimated 40 MADSA members (hard to count our folks in the crowd of many thousands) raised our DSA flags and gave out 100 “Abolish ICE” signs, tons of buttons and handouts explaining the history of ICE, private prisons, and other forms of inhumane incarceration under capitalism in the U.S. (Photos: Steve Eberhardt)

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