Calling Out Fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers

As you probably know, we have a crisis of reproductive healthcare access in the South and an abundance of resources allocated for so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs), fraudulent religious organizations staffed by non-medical personnel intended to manipulate poor and working-class women, especially women of color, into avoiding actual comprehensive reproductive healthcare clinics. Women go to these fake health centers every day, believing they are in a real medical facility. Instead of medically accurate information from licensed and trained medical providers, they get lies, shame, and stigma from untrained and unlicensed folks. These fraudulent organizations get $2M/year from our state tax dollars!

Last week, one CPC network, CareNet, held a convention at the Marriott Marquis downtown. MADSA member and AmplifyGA Campaign Manager Jaira Burke planned a community response to this convention, advancing our reproductive justice message. We rattled the CareNet president and many attendees, while drawing praise from pedestrians and motorists downtown. The projection was also very visible from the nearby hotels and offices, and we maintained a presence through the week. It’s time to #ExposeFakeClinics & #EndTheLies they tell pregnant people every day.

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