MADSA Takes a Stand in Georgia Governor’s Race (2018)

Brian Kemp must not be governor. The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America stand in solidarity with our fellow Georgians against the government that we have been promised under four more years of Republican leadership. We stand with the workers who work harder than any of the wealthy elite in our state. We stand with those who continue to suffer under white supremacy in the state. We stand with those who braved unspeakable odds to immigrate here for a better life. We stand in solidarity with everyday Georgians who just want a decent home near the people they care about, a living-wage job with dignity and meaning, and the ability to create a better future for their children.

We stand with all of these working families who want Stacey Abrams to be the next governor of this state. For many reasons, we cannot endorse Abrams ourselves, but neither can we stand aside while our friends and allies fight for something they know will make their lives better. We voted to encourage our members, if they feel so moved, to stand up and fight in this election cycle. Whether it be for a campaign, registering voters, or work against voter suppression, we will support our members in their efforts.

After this election, we will be working tirelessly to hold whoever wins accountable to the people of Georgia. They are there to serve us, not multinational corporations or their friends in business. We will also be developing and running our own candidates for office—candidates who will run with or without the blessing of the Democratic Party and will stand in opposition to the elite neoliberal capitalist establishment. We will also build working-class power through independent organizations that will always put the people over parties.

First go vote, then come fight!

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