Perdue snatches YDSA GT member’s phone

On October 13th, a Georgia Tech student attended a public Brian Kemp for Governor campaign
event on Georgia Tech’s campus. When that student attempted to ask their senator, David Perdue, a
political question, Perdue suddenly snatched the student’s phone instead of even attempting to defend Brian
Kemp’s indefensible attempts to deny voter registrations on the basis of race.

The original video, which currently has over 1 million views, is at

Perdue walked into Georgia Tech’s backyard, and students aren’t allowed to ask him a simple
question? It would be one thing to say “no comment” or inform us he’s not taking questions. Perdue would
have been within his legal rights to simply walk away or decline the question. But instead, he forcibly,
suddenly, and violently took their phone without justification or provocation.

In the video, Perdue stated, “No, I’m not doing that” just before snatching the student’s phone. It’s
clear that Perdue suddenly snatched the phone with the intent to temporarily deprive the student of their
property so that they could not continue to record him. The video cuts briefly for a few seconds when
Perdue accidentally stopped and restarted the recording, during which time Perdue hid the phone behind
his back while the student demanded their phone be returned.

While the GOP is running ads accusing the political left of being an unhinged violent mob, today
we saw the GOP’s utter contempt for the public, and their willingness to commit acts of violence
for political gain without provocation. Had the situation today been the other way around, and if the Georgia
Tech student had snatched a sitting US Senator’s phone, the student would likely have been arrested on the
spot. This behavior is shocking, appalling, and totally unbecoming of the supposedly hallowed office of US

The wealthy plutocrats in the GOP believe they are above the law. Hopefully people will soon
realize that Senator Perdue does not represent — or even pretend to represent — the interest of the public,
and that he is committed to protecting the economic interests of the wealthy elite by any means necessary.

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