A People’s Inauguration – On the 2018 Georgia Election

Brian Kemp, by continuing the shameful legacy of disenfranchising southern black and brown people, weaponized our legal system to steal the Georgia Governor’s race. Backed by the billionaire class, Kemp used his position as Secretary of State to suppress the voice of everyday Georgians in pursuit of a racist and fascist agenda. The Georgia election process was a sham from beginning to end.

The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America refuse to concede power to Kemp or any process that works to silence the voices of working people. We stand committed to elevating the voices of the 1.4 million Georgians who have been wrongly purged from the voter rolls under Brian Kemp’s term as Secretary of State since 2010, and we will stand with our allies to deliver those voices to the halls of power. But we see beyond this election. The battle for the future of our state is just beginning.

Whether at the state capitol, the governor’s mansion or city and county halls of government, we will speak truth to power and demand policies that grant dignity and respect to all residents of Georgia. If those in power refuse to hear us, we will withdraw our consent to be governed by a corrupt system rigged for the rich, who steal not only our elections, but also our paychecks, our dignity, our lives, and our children’s and their children’s futures.

We will not give away our power. We call for a people’s inauguration. Stand up, speak up, be counted, and be heard.


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