MADSA Statement on U.S. Interference in Venezuela

Regardless of what one thinks about Maduro or the opposition, the Trump administration, in alliance with the fascist Bolsonaro administration, and others, is not acting out of concern for the Venezuelan people.

U.S. Imperialism has a terrible track record of making situations much worse globally, but particularly in Latin America.

With our house not in order, the US government has no right declaring a government legitimate or illegitimate- especially when the current U.S. administration is helmed by the person who won an election with over 3 million fewer votes – and in our own state of Georgia, we have a governor who oversaw his own election.

The capitalist markets are reacting positively to the potential of pillaging the Venezuelan People’s resources. Putting it simply, like the blunder in Iraq, this too is for the oil. It is clearer than ever that capitalism is the dirty son of imperialism and we must condemn this action for what it is Рa coup.

We call for an end to all U.S. interference in Venezuelan politics and oppose any military action against Venezuela.

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