Canvassing Cabbagetown for Bernie

Photo by Michael Roberts

On Sunday, September 8th members of Metro Atlanta DSA took to the streets and canvassed Atlanta neighborhood Cabbagetown to rally support for Senator Bernie Sanders for president in 2020.

“Senator Sanders is the only candidate who will stand up for our right to healthcare, to a voice on the job, and to a liveable planet,” said chapter leader Alexander Hernandez. “He’s also the only one with the vision to fix the damage done by Trump’s GOP, his parrots like Kemp, and conservative Democrats. But he’ll need our help even after he’s elected. That’s why we’re in the community building a working class movement for not just 2020, but beyond.”

Metro Atlanta DSA is just one of dozens of DSA chapters all over the country who knocked on doors this weekend to support Sanders. “We want to help Bernie win, full stop” said newly elected DSA National Political Committee member Megan Svoboda. “He’s the best chance we have to beat Donald Trump. But we’re also organizing to build a bigger base for democratic socialist politics, because it’s going to take a movement to win a Green New Deal, support union organizing, and make sure this country is no longer dominated by millionaires and billionaires. Senator Sanders is the only candidate who has stood consistently with working-class people and who knows that a mass movement is needed to change this country.”

Senator Sanders’ message is resonating with working people across the United States who recognize that the billionaire class is standing in our way. Metro Atlanta DSA is holding a Debate Watch Party on Thursday, September 12 7:30-11 pm at Noni’s Deli. 357 Edgewood Ave SE. Atlanta, GA 30312. MADSA will hold its next canvass for Bernie on Sunday, September 22nd in East Atlanta

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