Antifascist Solidarity Prevails in Dahlonega

By Jeff C.
On September 13, 2019 members of the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America and the North Georgia Socialist Rifle Association met up in Atlanta to car pool to Dahlonega to protest the white supremacist rally taking place there. We did not arrive as outside agitators but as invited guests of the community, led by the Socialist Coalition of North Georgia and faith leaders from local places of worship. We were proud to be part of a united front against fascism and white supremacy, putting up a non-violent counter protest to the Nazis who intended to take over the square in the center of town. While at least two comrades were arrested, we were able to outnumber the fascists by at least 2 to 1 during the entire day, making it a victory for antifascism. The counter protesters numbered over 100, while the fascists began with under a dozen and could only marshal fewer than 40 to their cause by the end of the day. Solidarity today. Solidarity forever! Always Antifascist. Photos by Steve Eberhardt.

Corrections officers marched in military formation.

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