MADSA Endorses Andrea Cervone for Clarkston City Council

At our October 26th meeting, Metro Atlanta DSA voted to endorse member Andrea Cervone in her re-election campaign for Clarkston City Council. In her time on City Council, she has helped build Clarkston into one of the most progressive cities in the South. In this election, she hopes to win a mandate to broaden the coverage of Clarkston’s non-discrimination ordinance to protect workers on housing assistance; to extend the right to vote in municipal elections to all lawful residents, not just citizens; and to expand the city’s recently piloted participatory budgeting program.

MADSA members plan to help canvass for Andrea in Clarkston on Sunday, November 3rd, ahead of the November 5th election day. MADSA chair Councilman khalid, who serves on the City Council of South Fulton, said he hopes MADSA can become a strong voice in local politics while also continuing our efforts for Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy. If you’re interested in running for office or helping with MADSA’s electoral work, contact the electoral committee via email at
(MADSA electoral committee breakout session at meeting. Photo: Reid Freeman Jenkins)

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