Abortion is a Human Right

Emergency Protest – Friday, June 24, 6:30pm at State Capitol
Mass Meeting – Saturday, June 25, 4pm at 711 Catherine St SW

Abortion is healthcare and a human right, fundamentally tied to the principle of bodily autonomy. We condemn the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, which will harm and criminalize working people. This decision is an act of class warfare, and we must oppose this undemocratic assault on our human rights.

This decision shows further proof of what we’ve seen for decades: that the Supreme Court has become a rogue institution uninterested in protecting the constitutional rights of the people and more focused on fulfilling the interests of major corporations and far-right Christian nationalists. 

The Supreme Court has made barbaric decisions in the past, upholding segregation in the 19th century and overturning labor protections in the 1920s. These undemocratic rulings were only overturned with the power of mass working class movements that challenged instituted powers at their core. We urge people to make their voices heard and reject all politicians who oppose the right to control one’s own body.

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