Abortion is healthcare and a human right. Abortion is fundamentally tied to the principle of bodily autonomy. Abortion bans are class warfare intended to harm and criminalize working people. We must oppose this undemocratic assault on our human rights.

The Supreme Court is an undemocratic institution. These unelected, elite judges are uninterested in protecting the rights of working people. SCOTUS is now a prime vehicle for the white nationalist right-wing: it is not a body we can rely on to protect our rights. The undemocratic ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade is an attempt to erode democracy and working peoples’ ability to make decisions about our own lives.

We need a mass movement to win back our rights. The Supreme Court has made abhorrent decisions in the past — upholding segregation in the 1800s and overturning labor protections in the 1920s. These undemocratic rulings were only overturned with the power of mass working-class movements that challenged the rich and powerful. We urge people to make their voices heard and reject all anti-choice policy and politicians.

Tell DeKalb County to Decriminalize Abortion Now!

On Sept. 20, the DeKalb County Commission will vote on a resolution to decriminalize abortion — making the prosecution of abortions the lowest priority for DeKalb County Police and prohibiting the aiding of other police departments on abortion cases.

Call your representatives today and tell them to pass this resolution! (Find your Commissioner here.) You can also schedule an email to PublicComment@dekalbcountyga.gov the morning of Sept. 20th between 9-10 AM to be read as public comment during the meeting.

1Robert Patrick(404) 371-3052district1@dekalbcountyga.com
2Jeff Rader(404) 371-2863jrader@dekalbcountyga.gov
3Larry Johnson(404) 371-2425district3@dekalbcountyga.gov
4Steve Bradshaw(404) 371-4749srbradshaw@dekalbcountyga.gov
5Mereda Davis Johnson(404) 371-2159district5@dekalbcountyga.gov
6Ted Terry(404) 371-4909ted@dekalbcountyga.gov
7Lorraine Cochran Johnson(404) 371-2899lcjohnson@dekalbcountyga.gov

Call Script/Talking Points:

  • State your first & last name and County Commission District
  • Abortion is health care and a human right. The GOP’s ban on abortion after 6 weeks is an assault on working people across the state. Pro-abortion candidates should do everything in their power to protect these rights!
  • People who get abortions should not be criminalized for making the choice that’s right for their lives, families, and careers. For this reason I’m asking you do to everything you can to decriminalize abortion and protect peoples’ rights, bodies, and autonomy.

Get involved!