Solidarity with Starbucks Workers

Starbucks workers in Atlanta and all around the country are unionizing their stores! After working the front lines of the pandemic, these essential workers are demanding living wages, better hours, and a seat at the table. While Starbucks corporate wages illegal intimidation campaigns, workers need all the solidarity they can get from community members who support the union!

Are you a Starbucks worker wanting to get organized? Check out to learn about the unionizing process and organize your store!

How You Can Support Starbucks Workers

1) Sign the Starbucks Workers Solidarity Petition

Pledge to stand up for the rights of Atlanta Starbucks workers to unionize, and urge Starbucks to bargain a fair contract by signing the Starbucks Solidarity Petition.

2) Visit Unionizing Stores and Order a “Union Yes” Coffee!

Visit your local Starbucks and let the workers know you’ve got their back! Use the name “Union Yes” when you order a drink, and remember to leave your tip in cash!

If you order coffee from the Starbucks app, make sure to rank your barista 5-stars! This helps prevent retaliation on the part of Starbucks management.

Adopt a Starbucks! Fill out this form to pledge to visit and support workers at a Starbucks location near you. Someone from the Atlanta DSA Labor committee will follow up with you!

Visit these locations which have publicly filed for a union!

StoreAddressUnion Status
Ansley Mall 1544 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324Union victory!
Howell Mill 1801 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, GAUnion victory!
AugustaRobert C Daniel Jr. Parkway Augusta, GAUnion victory!

3) Attend a Solidarity Event!

One of the best ways to help organizing Starbucks workers is to attend one of our solidarity events!

Join us next Friday Sept. 30 for a Starbucks solidarity flyering, and Oct 7 for a fundraiser concert for Starbucks Workers United at No Tomorrow in Underground Atlanta.

Check out our monthly calendar for upcoming events:

Attend a Starbucks Solidarity flyering with Atlanta DSA!

4) Donate to Starbucks Workers United

Donate to the Atlanta Starbucks United Solidarity Fund to support partners facing retaliation from Starbucks in the form of layoffs and slashed hours.

Buy official Starbucks Workers United merchandise, 100% made in the USA and decorated by union workers.

5) Sign up for Updates

Follow Starbucks Workers United on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Follow Atlanta Starbucks Workers United on Twitter.

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Contact Atlanta DSA’s Labor committee to get more involved with our work.